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What's the right thing to do?


By Mia Hacker

What's the right thing to do? Plenty to yarn about but what should I leave out. How ya going? Yeah good and you? Honesty is not always the best ...or is it? Need to talk but brews aren't flowing...but they will be soon... Just days away...

Saying goodbye was just days ago. Those days that go slow as the mind wonders in memories of what was said. The everyday convo that's now lost and can't happen with face to face.

A time of comfort well seeking that feeling anyway in an era of fear of the unknown but actually we do know the stats and just don't want to touch anything. What do we need to bring back to town? Can you let someone know? Do we need to pack the tables away or just get some bigger ones? Craving the sound of our soulful singers that get our fires of creativity burning with inspiration. Artists open your case and come out to play...Cooran needs you.

Making mistakes is something we all know about, it's all good... Just ask Joe. And so where can we get some chicken? Better try asking Dhom or catch one whole their roaming free.

Starting a conversation for change is not causing a fight. It's being brave and standing up for a need to drive the ideas that will become realities. Movement and energy flows change and shapes the vibe we are.

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