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Back to basics

This is a phrase back to basics that has been circulating my region dripping down from the powers above. So I'm thinking about it from a creative perspective looking back a retrospective potentially back to basics for me that's being proficient at something so I'm looking back at the photography that's given me so much joy and direction and creative expression over the last 20 years. You can see some of my artwork pieces in a current exhibition at Max Galleria in Tewantin it's on until December 4th 2021. Mostly black and white Artworks looking at the contrast of light and shade and light and dark and light that's man-made vs natural. My analysis of observation is often surrounding the comparison of something. It's also about a moment in time in that place. Some of the artwork that you can view in the group exhibition from my time travelling overseas. Various places like Los Angeles, the beach the playground the sand the urban the hard the soft the Shadows the spaces. Other places like San remo Nice travelling through tunnels from France to Italy looking out to the Mediterranean. Have you ever been driving through France with a French person at the wheel? Experimenting with light and how one can make marks with the luminescence the gradient of thickness of colour the fast travelling nature of what is the invisible sometimes not notice for observed by the passer-by.

It's those 2 a.m. wake ups with the mind racing thoughts of creative nature of observation of looking into the dark deep blackness that is the night. Having to hand something that captures the essence of that moment. Capturing an essence of feel of place of being there and responding has previously been using a camera digital device for me. I am stepping into another experience of using paper to make marks in relation to capturing that connection to place I am enjoying that new phase of building a new body of work that will emerge in 2022. Just got to find the right place to share and showcase this new creative expression that has me still surrounded by textures and contemplation and connection to place building a stronger insight into other feelings that exist that are sharing with me at the same time.

I'll let you know where and when you can catch this new creative expression that I'm working with through the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

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