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Colours of Kabi Country by Mia Hacker with Micah Wenitong on strings

Colours of Kabi Country by Mia Hacker with Micah Wenitong on strings

Artist Statement - by MIA HACKER Colours of Kabi Country A Collaboration In the vibrant tapestry of life, we often find ourselves drawn to the profound connection between art and nature. "Colours of Kabi Country" emerges from a harmonious collaboration between three artists, each with a unique perspective, united by a shared reverence for the sacred landscapes of Kabi Kabi Country. This project celebrates the profound beauty of this ancestral land, inviting viewers to join us on a journey of cultural reconnection, spiritual exploration, and deep observation. Mia Hacker, brings her profound connection to the natural world to our collective canvas. Her affinity for trees, land, waters, and the spiritual essence that surrounds us all has infused our collaborative work with a deep sense of interconnectedness. Mia's art serves as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical, inviting viewers to contemplate their own place within the intricate web of life on Kabi Kabi Country. Our Collab, embarked on a journey, driving from one significant place to the next. Each stop along the way was an opportunity to pause, reflect, and honour the ancestors who have walked these very paths before us. This deep observation of the land allowed us to see beyond its physical beauty and delve into its history, culture, and spiritual significance. The plan evolved over 5 months and one place or experience or tangent would then plant the seed to head somewhere else. Being guided by country. "Colours of Kabi Country" is more than an artistic collaboration; it is a tribute to the enduring spirit of the land and its people. Through my collection of works, I hope to convey the essence of Kabi Kabi Country, to share the profound beauty that was uncovered, and to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of cultural reconnection and spiritual exploration. Mia's art speaks of the past, the present, and the future. It embodies the vibrant colours, textures, and stories that make up the tapestry of Kabi Kabi Country. But it also carries with it a message of hope and renewal, reminding us that by honouring our past, we can create a brighter and more connected future. May my work serve as a reminder of the deep, unbreakable bond between humanity and the natural world, and may it inspire you to embark on your own path of discovery and reconnection with the land that sustains us all. Micah Wenitong Kgippandingi - Kabi Kabi Producer of the soundtrack that accompanies this short film. Immerse yourself in the evocative sounds of Micah Wenitong's guitar, and you'll find yourself transported straight to the heart of Kabi Kabi country. His mastery of the instrument is not just a performance; it's a spiritual connection that resonates with the land of his ancestors. In a profound collaboration, Micah embarked on a journey to reconnect with his grandmother's country, channelling the pure energy that flows through the deep, rich ochres of this sacred land into the very fingertips that strum his guitar. The result is a mesmerising soundtrack that weaves the experience of the colours and landscapes of country into an auditory tapestry. Micah's music carries the essence of country, a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. It's a passionate exploration of sound that gracefully drifts through the very soul of the land. This collaboration is a testament to the power of repatriating one's art on their ancestral soil, emphasising the significance of the creative process in preserving culture and heritage. Micah Wenitong, a fifth-generation artist hailing from a family of musicians, is not just a contemporary musician, but a true artist and producer. His musical journey has seen him collaborate with First Nations luminaries such as Gurrumul, Saltwater Band, Iwantja, Letterstick Band, and Jason Durrurrnga. But he's not limited to the realm of music alone; he's also a visual artist whose work beautifully complements his sonic creations. His artistry has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the recognition he received with the Mulingimbi Best Song of the Year with Jason Durrurrnga award for his project, "Favourite Girls." Micah Wenitong's work is a testament to his deep connection with his roots, a bridge between past and present, and a resonant custodian for Kabi Kabi country.
Watching the Grass Grow      Mia Hacker & Kilagi Nielsen

Watching the Grass Grow Mia Hacker & Kilagi Nielsen

Artist Statement: Exploring the Intertwined Energies of Kangaroo Grass In my artistic practice, I am deeply drawn to connecting with the natural elements that influence the growth and vitality of kangaroo grass. This particular project allowed me to delve into the essence of this plant, its surroundings, and the intricate relationships it shares with the environment. Through an immersive creative process, I sought to capture the profound connection between the grass, the soil it thrives in, and the elements that shape its existence. To embark on this artistic journey, I dedicated time to engage with the place and the tangible aspects that resonate with my senses. I embraced the opportunity to feel, smell, and touch the elements surrounding the kangaroo grass, allowing them to guide my artistic expression. Utilising the soil in which the grass flourishes, I let the gentle breeze delicately transport it onto paper. The strokes and marks left behind were then meticulously recorded using a water pen. As the warm afternoon sunshine bathed the paper, the simultaneous drying and transformational process began, facilitated by the evaporation and absorption of the water. By immersing myself in close proximity to the soil, I endeavoured to tap into the energy and goodness that enfold the grass plants. Through this intimate connection, I sought to understand and visually convey the profound harmony and balance that exists within the natural world.
Women with Fortitude - a bridge to the future by Mia Hacker

Women with Fortitude - a bridge to the future by Mia Hacker

Ditactic Info A collection of portraits that have developed as the strings of family knowledge have been woven, tangled and followed. Using the stories that have made the lives of these women, Mia connects deeply with each of them. Feeling energy of shared emotion to capture the character individually of these amazing, caring, colourful, strong and proud women. Fortitude Valley and the surrounding areas of Brisbane have been shaped by these women. Through the 1880’s - 1990’s much growth of place and people continued to be shared amongst generations of family. Mediums used range from Ink, harvested wildfire charcoal, natural pigments from place, graphite, some acrylics, water harvested from nearby natural sources. Layers have been added with fingers to ensure Mia’s prints are now with these women. Various nibbed water brushes and pens have given the satisfaction of viscosity to various pieces. Artist Statement Working with and being mentored by Dr. Tamsin Kerr, in a one year Arts Residency at Cooroora Institute I have created portraits as the re-connection strings of knowledge have been re-kindled. Layers of research about people, families, stories, building, loss and grief have given me an understanding of the fortitude that these women of the past have needed, to survive and thrive. Connection to place has developed alongside the growing family knowledge as well. What the Women before have done to allow for contemporary connection to places that I find myself in. Building relationships with Traditional Owners, Elders, Aunties and Uncles and listening to the teachings that have been shared. Connecting with plants and places that people have been or still are.
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