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As an artist, I am deeply inspired by the natural beauty and complexity of the world around us. My work seeks to explore the connections between humanity and the environment, using a range of natural found elements from the earth and bushfire-harvested charcoal to create intricate, textured pieces that speak to the richness of the natural world. I believe that art has the power to transform how we see the world and our place within it, and my work is a reflection of this belief. I am drawn to the unique qualities of each element I use, and seek to incorporate these natural textures and patterns into my pieces, creating a sense of depth and complexity that invites the viewer to engage with the work on multiple levels.

My work is also deeply influenced by the process of creation, and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of what is possible in my art. Whether working with acrylics or exploring the unique properties of bushfire-harvested charcoal, I am always seeking new ways to express my vision and connect with my audience.

As an artist, my work is grounded in a deep respect and understanding of the land and the people who have called it home for thousands of years. I am committed to exploring and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of First Nations peoples, while also stepping softly on country and doing my part to protect the natural world that
inspires my art. Using a range of natural found elements from the earth and bushfire-harvested charcoal, along with acrylics and bespoke cold-pressed paper, I seek to create textured, layered pieces that speak to the complexity and beauty of the world around us. Through my work, I strive to connect with the land and its people in a way that is respectful, mindful, and deeply meaningful.

I draw on First Nations perspectives and cultural practices to inform my artistic vision, incorporating a feeling of connection to place into my work in a way that honours and celebrates this rich cultural heritage. At the same time, I am committed to engaging with contemporary issues facing our planet, such as climate change and
environmental degradation, and using my art to inspire others to take action and make a difference.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that not only speaks to the beauty and complexity of the natural world, but also honours and celebrates the cultures and traditions of the First Nations peoples who have lived in harmony with this land for generations. My hope is that my work will inspire others to see the world around us with fresh eyes,
to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world, and to engage with the challenges facing our planet in a thoughtful and meaningful way.



2024/25 Carbon Dating QLD Tour supported by Flying Arts

Dog Wood Crossing          22 March - 11 May

Warwick Art Gallery           13 June - 13 July

Redlands Art Gallery         11 Aug - 29 Sept

Caloundra Art Gallery        17 Oct - 8 Dec

Tablelands Gallery             17 Jan - 25 Feb 2025

Qantas Founders Museum 15 March - 15 June 

Bundaberg Art Gallery        18 July - 7 Sept

2021 Museums and Galleries National Award winner - Virtual Bankfoot
2021 Floating Land Biennale - Virtual Noosa
2020 #30 Pecha Kucha Night Sunshine Coast
2019 Floating Land Biennale- Ephemeral Art Masterclass Series
2017 #24 Pecha Kucha Night Sunshine Coast
2017 Mandandanji Dreaming Community & Event Arts Support
2017 - 2020 Tall Trees Art Exhibition - New look whole street affair
2016 Youth Week Creative Photography Workshop
2015 Painting with Light - Noosa Regional Gallery {Solo}
2015 SQUEEZE Group Exhibition
2015 Climate Smart Group Exhibition - Gympie Art Gallery
2015 Floating Land Community Consultant and Artist
2015 Winner Noosa Country Show Photography - Grand Champion
2015 - 2009 Tall Trees Art Exhibition (inclusive)
2014 Winner Noosa Country Show Art - Drawing category
2013 Pomona Pixel People - Group Photography
2013 Floating Land Festival - Poetry on the Sliding Door
2011 Floating Land Festival - Junior Master Snapshot

2017 - 2021 Tall Trees Art Exhibition – Lead exhibition organiser, Curator
2000 - 2019 Community Committee, New Years Eve & Street Parade
2017 Mandandanji Dreaming - Community Consultant, Event Support Liaison
2016 - 2020 Noosa Country Show - Community Consultant, Media Manager
2015 Floating Land Festival - Community Consultant, Artist Support Liaison
2014 Photo Exhibition, The Sky’s The Limit, Pomona Pixel People
2013 Floating Land Festival - Picnic On Sundays,
2013 Floating Land Festival - Artist, Poetry on the Sliding Door with online platform,
2011 Junior Master Snapshot showcase - Floating Land
2006-11,14-15, 20 Noosa Country Show, Hon. Event Co-ordinator 
2010. 2018-20 Noosa Country Show Art Exhibition
2010 - 2018 Country Show Photography Comp, Annually
Under 8’s Day, Kandanga Creek State School 2007 and Kuluin State School 2008


Mob: 0437721966


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