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The Intrigue of the Silhouette

The magical moments where the light fades and the objects in view turn dark. It's the notion of outline with less to distract my observational experience. Sometimes immersed in the forest or bush with no one there to see but me. The sun has set the light changes. It's the contrast of blacks in a gradient of colour set against the somewhat bright sky.

Many powerful moments I've shared with those that feel they need to share. Sometimes the deeper one looks within their self the deeper one emerges into the process of thinking and contemplation and openness of mindful conversation.

Creating Emotion

Sharing my creative expression and capturing the essence of the moment is what fills my creative process. Trying to convey the emotional connection to place and to that very moment in time is what a lot of my artwork strive to achieve. There's something special about that rich emotive atmosphere that surrounds me when I'm in the space of creating an artwork or digital creative photograph.

Do You Get Me

The viewer sometimes likes to try to understand the artist but in my years of contemplation it's clear to me that one doesn't always need to actually understand the artist thinking it's about responding in a variety of ways to the same subject matter of the same artwork or image. One person sees something somebody else see something totally different as the artist it's intriguing an inspiring to hear the feedback of how someone else is analysing the artwork that you have created. Sometimes even surprising myself.

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