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Painting with Light

The visions of lines and shapes and shadows is what draw me in to explore more. The concept of painting with light allows my creative expression to be captured in the lens of my camera. What's captured in line or space can be different when comparing natural vs man-made light sources.

This artwork titled Urban waterfall was taken whilst I was immersed in the darkness floating on Maiwar in Brisbane. The vibrance of colours and shades of purple emerged in the post-processing of this image using Lightroom. I enjoyed the visual notion of giant newspaper feeding roles that scroll the paper along as they print on the surface. Thinking of the news to be told to the world that day. People that were behind the scene of what was captured to create this piece could indeed be included in the news for the day maybe they were a headline.

Creative expression is important to me it's not just about snapping a picture or a photograph for a seen it needs to be more than what is just in front of my eyes. Sometimes the message is Deep an hidden only for those that really enquire to Stumble upon as they ponder what the message could be. The mystique of what the subject matter used to capture the creative expression is intriguing. Often I like to leave that elusive contemplation for the viewer to think about.

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Jul 29, 2021

You can see this on a large canvas in Max Galleria in Catalyst exhibition in Tewantin the work is exhibited there for 2 more weeks.


Jun 02, 2021

thanks for the like @Peter Thatcher The flow of water does influence my connection to a place and my response to thinking creatively while there too.

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