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The Glance of Grandma June

My beautiful Grandma June on my mum's side. Happy 90th birthday to you today. That's 42 years of being a Grandma... You have taught me so much. All about crystals with so many still with me today. Your cheese sauce techniques you shared with me never fail it makes the best lasagna. Thanks for teaching me how to type all those years ago on the old style ribbon machines then the magic happened with the addition of the auto type with special delete ink key. My fascination with all things flowers comes from our walks through your garden and grandad's pots to make observations and smell the sweet scent. Thanks for living in such a beautiful place that has seen countless walks around the block to help the shared meal go down as we ponder and chat while gazing out at the ever-changing waters of coowinwah or Cootharaba. Thanks for teaching me about shelling fresh green peas. I still don't like ironing and never got the knitting nack.

Thanks for getting stains out of my favourite clothes when I was growing up...dam water just didn't work!

Warm towels from your heater after a cold day sailing were just perfect. Thanks for giving me a place to sleep from in the back room when I was younger to the units now... Always with fresh sheets. Thanks for letting me teach Auntie Clare to wash up and make salad... Hope she hasn't forgotten. Thanks for sharing all the bits and bobs when I moved out of home. I do love making things with the sewing machine though they are never as perfectly neat as you use to sew. Thanks for all the picnics we had at the lake with those fancy metal stackable cups . So many swims at Noosa main beach, I think you taught me how to swim breast stroke.I will always cherish the many have written letters you have sent me over the years especially while I was living overseas. Being the first Grand child is a privilege thanks for being my wonderful Grandma June.

Now you are a Great Grandma and my girls love you so much. You have been sharing your writing desk with Ishara for years and she was so proud to be able to show you today on your birthday that she can write her own name so neatly. Thanks for all the life lessons and I do still ring in to Pete if I am going to be late home!

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Aug 01, 2021

That’s beautiful! SHE’S beautiful..

Aug 01, 2021
Replying to

Beauty everywhere...

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