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A bridge to the future

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@ MIEGUNYAH, Bowen Hills.

Miegunyah Museum
Mia HAcker Guest Artist @ Miegunyah for November 2023
Women with Fortitude Art Exhibition
Miegunyah Sign
Women with Fortitude Art Exhibition
Tea & Scones with Jam and Cream

For the last two years I have been researching and exploring to reconnect with some aspects of lost connection, experience and difference that the Women in my family lines have made in what we now call Queensland, New South Wales and Australia as the new country that is today.

Working with and being mentored by Dr. Tamsin Kerr, in a one year Arts Residency at Cooroora Institute I have created a collection of portraits that have developed as the strings of family knowledge have been woven, tangled and followed.  Using the stories that have made the lives of these women, Mia connects deeply with each of them. Feeling energy of shared emotion to capture the character individually of these amazing, caring, colourful, strong and proud women.  Fortitude Valley and the surrounding areas of Brisbane have been shaped by these women. 

Through the 1880’s - 1990’s much growth of place and people continued to be shared amongst generations of family.  


Mediums used range from Ink, harvested wildfire charcoal, natural pigments from place, graphite, some acrylics, water harvested from nearby natural sources. Layers have been added with fingers to ensure Mia’s prints are now with these women.  Various nibbed water brushes and pens have given the satisfaction of viscosity to various pieces.


I am an artist that explores place. Making observations of natural elements changing and then making my own mark making, design, layering and processing of natural elements to express my connection and immersion of place. Thinking about seasonal changes and shadows and the lines of light that move and effect other facets of place. The quiet of being in the bush is pleasing to my creative process. Research and Questioning highlight through my exploring and planning phases of artwork creations. I have used these skills to develop the portraits of women from the past in my family that are being shared in this exhibition. I also enjoy post processing technology to take some images and artworks to another level of complexity. This can lead to projection artworks also.



Wilma and her Mum
ie &, Nell, and then Marie and Annie
Maria Jane Chaston - Marie's mother   & Ebenezer who is William Hacker father.
Fred W Hacker & Maria Jane Hutchison prior Chaston nee Holmes
Marie Hacker and daughters
Family Group Thomas, Ellen,Fred, Charles at rear, Fred jnr at front, Maria,Annie & Florence
Wilma's Wedding day with Joan and Mickey
Hacker Family
IMG20220429153609 (1).jpg

The Colourful People

This artwork was a culminating abstract piece that grew over the 12 month Arts Residency at Cooroora Institute where I produced this body of work.  All the colours and mediums were never wasted or discarded.  Shapes, lines, textures and outlines layers together the complex history of the women in my family line.

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