Mia provides support for connections to be made and cultural sharings to take place.  Recently working with people from PNG , Vanuatu and Mandandanji Country.



Leweton String Band Mato
It is tricky to keep it all tight
Leweton Cultural Experience LOGO
Leweton String Band Mato Poster
Leweton perform at Island Vibe
Harvested pandanus leaves
detail harvested pandanus leaves
coconut palm leaves harvested
Vanuatu style for roof making
Folded pandanus leaves
Boiling up pandanus leaves
Leweton singer an Dancer Anthony Roy
Sing the Sunrise Vanuatu style
It is tricky to keep it all tight
Bunya nuts harvested
Sammy Ray Jones - community project
Kilagi - PNG
Banana fibre weaving
Kilagi at Festuri
Love this community collaborative painting
Sandy Sur testing out the new guitar that is going back to Leweton Water-Music
What a great afternoon making a neck lace from leaves in our garden.
My proud effort in growing this okra at home.  Used it in Dinner tonight.
Kilagi sharing her PNG welcome arch at Floating Land Festival 2015
Sandy Sur sharing a kastom Fish Trap he made for Floating Land Festival 2015
Mandandanji Country
Uncle Dale Manns Artwork postcard series